Dr. Olga Papathanasiou
photovoltaic expert

Professional experience

  • Renewable energies consultant - focus solar energy
  • Adjunct professor for "PV- and Wind-Energy" at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences
  • Professor for electrotechnics, especially energy efficient systems at University of Applied Science Heilbronn (HHN), Campus Künzelsau – Rheinhold-Würth-Hochsschule
  • Lecturer at the TU Berlin (GPE Solar)
  • Technical editor at "PHOTON International, The Photovoltaic Magazine" and "PHOTON das Solarstrom Magazin"
  • Technologist at Johanna Solar Technology GmbH
  • Technologist at PVflex Solar GmbH
  • Scientist at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (HZB)
  • Scientist at Institute for Crystal Growth Berlin (IKZ)
  • Tutor for physics for engineers, multimedia projects and courses about solar energy at TU Berlin


  • PhD thesis about "MOCVD-ZnSe buffer layers for CuInS2 thin film solar cells" at HZB and Faculty III: Process Science at TU Berlin supervised by Prof. Martha Lux-Steiner and Prof. Felix Ziegler
  • Diploma thesis at institute of solid state physics supervised by Prof. C. Thomsen about "Spectroscopic studies on polymers for OLEDs", degree in energy and process engineering at TU Berlin